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The Work of His Hands

by Amy Huffman, Triangle Fellows Alum

Photo by Bobby Rodriguezz on Unsplash

God won't settle for our love and devotion on Sunday and leave us to follow our foolish pursuits Monday through Saturday. No, He requires our whole beings and everything we do - including the work we do through our vocations.

And when we submit the work of our hands to the Lord, we’re giving back to Him what’s already His (Deut. 10:14). And if Jesus gets a hold of our work, you can better believe he’s going to use it to reconcile the world to himself (Col. 1:20).

It's because of this that I’ll begin sharing the stories of fellow CHBC brothers and sisters through a new series we’re calling, ‘The Work of His Hands.’ Our church is so diverse, and the Lord has called each of us to different careers and vocations. But despite our diverse vocational callings, there’s a universal call we each must submit to. One that requires every last bit of ourselves.
It's this - this intersection between our distinct and diverse vocational callings and universal calling to serve the Lord with all our heart, soul and lives that I’ll explore in this series. It’s a bit of a selfish pursuit—I learn best when I write.
In sharing our fellow congregants journeys to integrate their ultimate calling with their vocational calling—I hope that we can grow together in this lifelong pursuit of loving and serving the Lord our God the way He calls us to—with our whole lives.

Amy Huffman is the Research and Policy Specialist for the North Carolina Department of Information Technology, seeking to close the digital divide in North Carolina. In addition, Amy is a freelance writer and consultant, featured in WRAL-TechWire and ExitEvent. Native North Carolinians, Amy and her son, Grayson (age 8), have worshipped at the Bible Church since 2012.

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